quibid any info?

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Postby zoolia » Tue Nov 08, 2011 1:03 am

It is not a scam, but what it does is...

You sign up - Great!

You need to buy credits 1 bid costs $0.60 (£0.60 for use in UK), but you have to buy bids in packs of 40,75,300,600 & 800 bids.

So you have signed up... Great!

You also pay for the bid packs.... - Not good!

You also pay if you win..

So lets look at it this way...


Laptop worth $1000

You buy a 40 bid pack for $25.00

You bd against others and you bid 40 times (bids can go for hours) then you need to quickly buy another bid pack.. thats another $25.00

You then bid a final bid of $500

You have actually spent $550

Now, that might not look to bad... But you spent $50 on bidding.. the prices could go higher, who knows?

i would rather look elsewhere

These people found a niche and went for it.. How do they sell things at bidding for a low price? Because many people are paying all this money to bid Just 10 people bidding 80 times is like $500

It is up to you, you can try it but also remember

If you loose on the bids, you dont get them back there gone and you need to buy another pack...

Its a lot of hard work when you can find easier things on other sites like ebay etc
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