Is this Possible Please ?

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Is this Possible Please ?

Postby lenjets » Mon Aug 09, 2010 2:54 am

Is it possible to work on a zencart website off line ....i.e because I am on a broadband package that only allows me so much time per month ...could I work on my site off line as it were...if you see what I mean ..



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Postby laggardlady » Mon Aug 09, 2010 7:54 am

Yes it's possible. One of the programs is called xamp, if you search on google you can dowload it. There's also another one some use, but damned if I can remember it just now :(

someone else is sure to come along and let you know

<edit to add> Here's a thread mentioning a few other names ... light=xamp
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Postby gordym75 » Mon Aug 09, 2010 4:14 pm


You would also be advised to heed the points in that thread LL linked to by scotserve and paulc010 regarding the dangers of installing xamp on a local machine. I've pasted them below for ease of reference.

scotserve wrote:Can I offer a word of warning to anyone using WAMP or XAMP

This is not just another "program" to run on your computer but it turns your machine into a web server, you need to be extremely careful on security this means decent firewall and decent virus scanner at a bare minimum. Often once these programs are installed and working they are simply left as they are and never touched or updated becoming a huge security hole in your home machine.

paulc010 wrote:I run mine behind a dedicated firewall that is updated daily which prevents extrnal access to these services running on the local network (I have on occasion used port forwarding so that the local servers here are available out in the real world temporarily though). With XAMPP I don't install as a service, but run the control panel to turn them on and off, only when required. pcbob is quite correct that they can eat up quite a bit of memory (depending on the setting in php.ini) and will generally slow down your PC overall whilst running.

My firewall logs show dozens of mysql injection attack attempts each day - you'd be surprised how many folks out there are trying to get in.....

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