Search in Admin found no results ?????

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Search in Admin found no results ?????

Postby eemarket » Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:42 am

I searched for a product in my shop and found it.
I searched for the same product in my Admin CP and got no result, no product found.

I immediately thought it was due to me upgrading to 1.3.9e but before I ranted I searched the forum.....Bingo !!! someone else had the same problem, and found the cure.
It's due to a file being changed when installing Easy Populate with some templates.

A post by fortune 81......
After much work I've traced the problem to admin/include/modules/ category_product_listing.php

In this file resides the section of code that performs the select for the search. The file contains a comment (// fix duplicates and force search to use master_categories_id) and under this comment is code that has been commented out and below it is the replacement code.

When I swap them by un-commenting the first and commenting the second code, the search works perfect.

The part causing the problem is the part that selects p.master_categories_id from the products table and runs it against the products_to_categories table, specifically
"and p.master_categories_id = p2c.categories_id"

Worked OK for me on my heavily modified site.

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