Any Ideas About This:

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Any Ideas About This:

Postby pjlarambla » Sat Jun 26, 2010 8:04 am

I know this may sound a silly question to some. But when using a CSV file on a new ZenCart site does the CSV file configer the Pruduct sections, or do you have to do this manaully first before loading the CSV file.

Have asked a couple of people and they seem to be as wise about it as I am ( I am not very bright when it comes to any of this at the moment )

Also what is the best program to work on a CSV file in, Any help you can give would be great :blink:

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Postby laggardlady » Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:08 am

Not sure what you mean by Product section. Do you mean the Categories?

On a new zen cart you will need to install the Easy Populate module. The best thing to do then is add 1 trial category and product with product title, description, price, fill out all the details. Download the ep file to your pc and open it with excel. You will see all the headings and the trial product you input.

Depending on the csv file you have received from your dropshipper, whether it is a zen cart one or not make sure the column heading are all the same as your ep file. If not then copy and paste the categories and descriptions and all other details into your ep file and upload to your cart.

All the details will be added to your zen cart including categories

To me excel is the best program to use for csv files. There's also csv edit and I can't remember the others that people use so hopefully someone else will come along with suggestions.

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