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Zen Cart vs. Others

Postby Faustino » Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:17 am

Im just in the process of setting up a website and have installed Zen Cart. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the real advantages are of paying for a cart over just using Zen Cart?

Also any opinions on osCommerce would be welcome - Im new to this and cant work out whether its the same as Zen Cart or more of a website builder with cart or what?

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Postby WardStone » Mon Apr 11, 2011 8:37 pm

Although I am not dropshipping at the moment (I'm just looking around)... over the years I have setup online stores for people or helped them recover from a hack (I'm a developer by trade), that was down to a them having poor installation (by someone else I might add)

Oscommerce 2.x is a bit of a nightmare code wise - it feels messy, and I really don't like the way its built. I've also had too many people with security issues.

Now, dont get me wrong - I am not saying that Oscommerce has poor security.... its "OK", but I feel that you need to make sure you have really done your homework and installed the security addons, and locked down the website properly - rather than just using a default install. Saying that, security due diligence should be done on any cart installation.

oscommerce 3 is nearly out of the door - and from my understanding... it is a different animal. I'm personally not going to look at it until it has matured a little.

On a personal note - I actually like the look of magento, the way it feels etc... it can be low cost(even free), but the potential for needing the enterprise edition worries me :)

I am probably going to start out using zencart (which has its roots in oscommerce), although if what I do takes off - then you will probably find me switching to magento.

prestacart, open cart, cs cart etc are all good alternatives though.

Good luck with whatever you choose.
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