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Postby Noodles » Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:28 pm

Panic over! Turns out that a Web Developer who did some work for me a couple of weeks ago (including upgrading to 1.3.9d), changed the Admin folder name but didn't tell me so when I uploaded the Admin Folder for Google Base Feeder to my site, it just sat in Public_HTML as a folder of its own. This is why I couldn't see Google Base Feeder in my Admin-Tools. So I changed the names of both folders to the same name and transferred the files again and hey presto, it worked. :green:

Just goes to show, if at first you dont succeed...................

Thanks all for your patience and help - hopefully this thread helps someone else in a similar position.

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Postby EvoCart » Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:31 pm

glad you got it sorted, good luck with your site.
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Postby Baa » Fri Jul 23, 2010 10:06 am

Noodles wrote:When I copied and pasted the text and clicked "send", it seemed to list the text back to me on the page with the heading "query results".

That's normal.

I'm glad you've got it up and running now and well done for sticking with it and getting it right, it's not a very easy add on at the best of times, many others now should be a breeze.
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Postby Noodles » Fri Aug 06, 2010 3:53 pm

I'm back again, sorry!

After I got the mod successfully added, I set up my .txt file with the Easy Populate mod., checked it, made adjustments to the headings as per the guidelines and uploaded it to my "Feed" Folder so that I could then upload it to Google Base via Admin=>Tools=>Google Base Feeder. Once I selected "Upload", I got a message to say it had "uploaded OK". I heard nothing more about, no confirmation from Google that it was acceptable or not. I have searched and searched for my products and they are not listed (well not in the first 15 or so pages anyway). I tried uploading the file again and to no avail.

My question is, should I have received a confirmation e-mail from Google and if not, how does one confirm that all is ok, apart from checking umpteen Google pages for their products?

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Postby Wayzgoose » Fri Aug 06, 2010 4:38 pm

Yes, normally an e-mail will arrive with the title "1200 of 1220 products inserted" or something like, with the name of your file.


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Postby Noodles » Fri Aug 06, 2010 6:36 pm

Any ideas on what I can do next and why i'm not getting the confirmation? I submitted it at least a week ago.

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Postby redspell » Fri Aug 06, 2010 7:26 pm

Hi Noodles,

Google Base/ Merchant Centre is quite fickle and it can take a couple of tweaks to your feed settings before you get it right.

If you log in to your Google Base / Merchant Centre account, you should be able to see the status of your feed. If there are any problems then the reasons should be there to see.

As Alan has stated, if like you say, the feed has been registered and is functioning, then if you have created a 'cron job' to update your feed daily/weekly/monthly, then you should be receiving an email within 24 hours of the feed update reporting how many products have updated successfully (if any).

Just a thought but....

Noodles wrote:After I got the mod successfully added, I set up my .txt file

Not sure what you have done there but I thought I would mention that with the Zen Cart Google Froogle Module, all you really need to do is rename the googlefroogle.php.txt file that should be uploaded to the root of your public html directory by deleting the " .txt" bit at the end to make the filename googlefroogle.php.

Usually the default code within that file is sufficient to get the feed working.

Hope that makes sense.


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Postby Noodles » Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:27 pm

Thanks Redspell - except now i'm really confused and totally bewildered! Not your fault, guess theres more to Google Base Feeder than I anticipated but I wish there were some clear usage instructions somewhere once its installed.

For a start, my understanding is that you cannot check the status of a feed once its uploaded to Google from the GBF module, you can only check this with files registered and uploaded via Google Merchant Centre.

Secondly, I have no idea as to how to create a feed via GBF except that pressing the 'confirm' button will create a short file called froogle.txt_products.xml (or documents or news depending on what is selected before selecting "confirm"). These files can be upload but they dont work as I always receive an e-mail to state "No items inserted".

Thirdly, is googlefroogle.php the file to upload because that didn't work either for me.

Fourthly, the best option in my mind is the file created using Easy Populate module. This file looks good, lists all products, image links, prices etc and just some of the headings had to conform to the Google guidelines. When I uploaded it to my site though, I just get a 1 liner in the file stating

"Non-ISO extended-ASCII English text, with very long lines, with no line terminators".

Maybe this is trying to tell me something?????? If so, i'd love to know what! My descriptions are not overly long, there are some gaps where I introduced paragraphs for easy-reading alright and the descriptions have maybe 10 sentences at most but they're no essays.

Has anyone noticed this in the past and is this possibly my problem?


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