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Easy Populator

Postby pjlarambla » Sun Jul 04, 2010 11:11 pm

Hi All,

Its me again full of problems, I know I have asked a simular question about this before but that was messing about on a local machine.

Today I have been trying to load EP on to my site, followed the install instrutions, I got with it, loaded the temp folder, O.K. then the admin folder. Went to admin, tools, no sign of EP tried config no sign of it there.

Went cpanel and file manager looked through the files, temp was in the root correct, looked in admin it was there but there was another admin folder so I had ADMIN/admin with EP in that, so deleted it went all through the foldes and loaded all the php files in the correct places, or I think I did, went back to admin, into tools great it was on the bottom of the list , thought its there this time clicked on it thinking it was going to ask me to install, but it just came up EP is not on this server, so now have removed all the files that I put into the different files to start again if I can get some one to tell me how to over come this.

Ho! by the way I have Zen 1.3.9d and yes iI did try to unistall it through the browser as discribed first but just got an error on that.

Also while I am here has any one had problems with PayPal express on the later versions of Zen 1.3.8 up, there seems to be problem of getting retuned address for customers, just to let you know there is a fix that I have down loaded if your having a problem as such.
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Postby laggardlady » Mon Jul 05, 2010 6:48 am

I upload all my mods the long way :lol:

I open my ftp and as I open the mod on my pc and open public_html on the website. I input any files needed in there. Then I would open admin on my pc, open admin on my website and copy over the file from the pc to website.

Then while still in admin I would open includes on both pc and site copy over the file, then do the same with boxes, extra_boxes.

I know it's a long drawn out way to do it but in the beginning I tried putting the whole mod into the root directory as in the read me file and never managed it so now I follow the paths and input every file individually. I do that with every mod I install and it always works for me. :)

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Postby pjlarambla » Mon Jul 05, 2010 8:44 am

Hi LaggardLady,

Thanks for your reply I did basicly the same as you but done it through file manager on my Cpanel and uploade all the files from my local PC that way, pehaps I will try and download a new zip file of EP from somewhere that I can find pehaps my file was coruped, and try your way, should I give full permissions to the temp file before doing the rest.

Where would you advize I download the zip file for EP from. Also do you know if the works O.K. with Zen Cart 1.3.9d alright or should I try a later version, but have read these are buggy.

Thank you again you further advise would help very much.
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